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also how many waves are there in total? Cause i don't think in coding or gamemnaker it can be infinite like there must be a boss battle or something?

it's infinite 


:O        ... Well...that's really cool and you must do seriously coding 'n' stuff. Though I would ask for like boss battle thing like very powerful zombie but once defeated says you beat the game and continues in infinite mod. It's just an idea as if the game is's then impossible to pass the game at a certain level.

that sounds really cool

its not ifinite its just making new levels so the levels are made by them self so the codes not infinite well he she not making it constantly the  game does it lol I'm confused now

not very good at like the thumbnail etc more views pleaz


zombi simulator

Great game, wonder if there are any more maps though. That would be cool. Could be a map Based on a school. Could also be a secret base map as well. Just some suggestions.


That is IT! I am retiring from Atlas City WAVE 26! BABY! Not boasting here's a hit : You get no barricades or antidotes past wave 20. It's very difficult, I am gonna do maybe one more video on this as Atlas City or Shattered Woodlands. I have to say this is sooooo much fun. Health bar is an interesting idea and I recommend it. Also I would love a standoff version in which you don't need civilians, there are no buildings or they all to tall. 

Wait got better idea, no civilians barricades included. So it's just you, zombies keep spawning in at corners and won't stop until like 200 levels. There's a small base which has a ramp in which is like a last last stand thing. You can get gold weapons etc and can refill your barricades at limited checkpoint things. Presented as 'waves' though and will show how far you get. You have a health bar. Zombies will get progressively tougher and the yellow zombie can maybe jump small distance. This is just an endurance test thing. I think it would be awesome as a difficult game mode called something like 'The Hardcore 4D'.

This is just an idea for a zombie, this zombie has a vacuum around it that sucks civilians and the player near it. Just an idea.

I challenge players to beat wave 26. I JUST SURVIVED, i would like has 1 to 5 civilians left and ALWAYS erridaticate purple zombies or the upgraded fast zombies first.

Here are tips :

To kill purple zombie easy just wait until it attacks a civilian and it's distracted completely which is the best time to take it out.

Kill civilians sometimes if you don't want to spare antidote and you have MONEY to afford it.

Use barricades, they are VERY useful.

Weapons Best to Worst :

MK8R : Lots of Ammo okay fire rate

Golden AUG : Not bad ammo and superb accuracy, damage + fire rate.

Golden MK8R : Good ammo, fire rate okay accuracy but costs way too much for ammo.

Bazooka : Area of effect grenade

SIG : Fire rate + accuracy and okay ammo, never gotten a golden one though.

AUG : accuracy + fire rate. Standard

Leviathan : Never really used this but it has INFINITE penetration (goes through infinite amount of zombies)

This is excellent game okay. THIS is probably the best indie game I've seen for a while, fun, challenging and a kick-ass animation style. I even wanted to make a character comic thing of this. Ravinia6 i nominate you for the awesome indie game award, this award is fictional though so never mind.

This is incredible difficult game at high stages, if you are in for a challenge play this GAME!


add armor or a helth bar bleeding effect breaking bone effect huge world single player survival food thist and all make a standoff version that would b the best you have to barricade or run from a huge horde that comes and tries to kill u maybe a 7 days concept these idead probably suck but idk

love the game but the resolution is a little weird and draw  distance and stuff would be cool though I run flawlessly a little time before next round would be nice and people should have colors and wish zombies were green a color option would be very cool lastly I think I might make vids on this idk I want to though since I love the concept have u ever thought of making a full survival single player zombie poly gone game I have a potato pc and this game runs nicely wish all games were this optimized thanks for your time even though u probably don't have time for me 8 and a half out  of 10 so far;)

Glad you're enjoying it! The resolution glitch should be fixed. Now you can adjust the resolution.

im not sure what the update did to the game, but i cant play it anymore. I cant  hit begin.

side note, the resoloutions screwed up too

pls help

found the problem. So sorry for the inconvenience. We will update the files immediately.


Thanks lad. cheers.

This should fix the problem. Is the resolution still funky?

yah it looks 720 p or lower like 480 or 600 p

Alright. I'll see what I can do.


This is the video I said I will post.

awesome video :D thanks for your support!


No problem,I will post one with the other map soon.

Are you planning on making a mode where you can disable some zombies, such as the purp zombies and crawlers?

Unfortunately that would mess up the fairness of the game. However, we may change the order that the zombies spawn in.

I have a quick question: Since NO ONE has said anything about the giant zombie, can you show a small video of it or tell us which round its on? thanks!

The giants come out on round 28

Some tips from the number 4 on Altas City

  1.Take out the zombies sistematicly,don't go out blazing guns(Only if you want to look badass,wich is tottally fine)take each part of the map sistematicly

 2.Take a gun as soon as possible,that goes for the pistol and for the bigger ones

 3.If almost everybody is zombified,you can take them in a closed area,put baricades around them,and add turets on them,but check them frequently,cause the turets disipear after an certain amount of time.

P.S.The ranking is gliched,cause it sais me that i'm 4th of74th but it won't show me on the scoreboard. :P

What round did you get to? Someone may have taken fourth after you got it. The game doesn't update your rank until you beat your high score.


Hey! i love the new update! the new map is really good and luckily, i had a better run on this video :'D Again, very good job on this!

 Awesome video! Glad you like it!


Really good game,if you could only add some mele weapones,an riot shield and being able to cary more than 2 guns,in rest it's FUCKING AWESOME!!!!

Thanks! we'll consider your suggestions for future updates :)


Cheers too,Also I really love the fact that you added an tutorial,before,Ididn't knew that I could Wall-Jump,and I thougt that the weapones shown on the buildings,were glighed trough them.

And,I will add an video on youtube,once I find an good video editor witch I can work with.

I will let it here.

Really good game,if you could only add some mele weapones,an riot shield and being able to cary more than 2 guns,in rest it's FUCKING AWESOME!!!!


boom! wave 20, shouldn't have taken on 3 on those phasing purple guys, i have to say that is AN AWESOME ADDITION! 


sorry not VERY observant


OMG ART SYLE SOOOO COOOLLLL NOW. THIS IS AWESOME NEW MAP IS AWESOME. if you see a rank player called HugSomeSunshine or The Cup Holder that is ME! I will do this weekend a play through of this update and post it because it deserves it! SO COOL....especially new zombie be honest.......I did prefer some aspects before, e.g. seeing where some weapons are on the map did help, if i did not see that pleas tell, though this is sooo cool.

I will be the best ranking player on the leader board, i will DO IT! mostly because i love the game soon much. Also...i am awesome, got to night 16 on previous version!


I am introducing this game to some people so they can support you or get it and appreciate it :)


-HugSomeSunshine, The Cup Holder

Thanks for your support! That helps us out a lot. I saw your high score :'D We have no idea how you got that far. Nicely done!

You can still see weapons on the mini-map.





WOW! I am so happy that you have not abandoned this game like many devs. You are one of the few indie developers that will actually listen to their fans and respond. This game keeps getting better and better! P.s. do you have a release date for multiplayer yet? It would be awesome for me and my friends to play                                                       together.                                                                                

                                                                                                                                 -One of the many fans                                                                       

We'll keep updating periodically. As for multiplayer, that will only be released if we get enough support for the game. As soon as we have a large audience, we will reconstruct the game with multiplayer support. So share with your friends!



Version 2.0.0 is now out: worldwide rankings and a new map!

Support us on Steam!

well thanks it is a good game and i am still loving it 

Deleted 3 years ago

That was just early access :) Get it now for free!

It would be awesome if there was a mode where you did'nt have to worry about civilians and you could just kill zombies 

That is a popular request and we will add that in a future update!


Awesome! cant wait to see it.

This game was awesome! pretty damn difficult but awesome! very nice job on creating this game! :D

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Thanks! Glad you liked it! I'll make sure to put a tutorial in the next update so that you can learn how to find the weapons! (The weapons are on the roof, you can wall jump) Awesome vid!

Hey no problem! :D that would be awesome thankyou and oh right haha! a second video might be necessary when the new update is released and thanks alot :D very much appreciated!

New update available!


Hey thanks for notifying me :D imma check it out now :D

Please add the mode against bots but they use weapons

Modes like that will be considered based on popular demand. 

Thanks for the feedback!

hey this probably the most difficult game I have ever played besides dark souls and and any game my computer decides is too graphic (by the way, this game is certainly not one of them). It may be the most addicting game I've played, and I've played Flappy Bird. I cannot stress how good this game is, gameplay-wise, and I definitely recommend anyone with a taste for cod zombies and first person shooters to play this game.

9.25/10 good game. needs more game modes and multiplayer. P.S can u add a "be the infected" mode and plz tell me how to buy guns/earn currency?

Hey! We're glad that you're enjoying the game. We would really appreciate it if you rated it! :D

The game modes you suggested sound awesome! If we receive a lot of support for this game then we will certainly work on those modes! So, feel free to share this website with your friends :) 

You can purchase guns by walking near a weapon and pressing "F." By shooting the undead you will earn points. You also earn points by saving citizens each night. So try to keep your citizens alive throughout the day/night!


Got It! Got to night 15 and died here's a list for stuff.

1. Up to night 8 probably start using barricades upgraded at one end of the map with one civilian or more in it. When using barricades, I usual use them exactly on the west end or east end of the central middle road, ensures you can have a lot of barricades. Also place them near other pathways so they can shot in another way (just in case horde coming)

2. HAVE to have a MK8R (not golden) due to massive magazine

3. Have as secondary a bazooka (area effect) or a leviathan if you are lucky (special end that have piecing)

4. Kill civilians...sometimes so they won't infect others later on

5. Headshots are useful sometimes as they take away more health than if you shot as the body

6. Use your grenades, I think they're there for a reason

7. I am recording a play through of this game which, in it I got to night 11

8. Get the question marks instead of the actual weapons - works for me most of the time

9. There's one...side effect I've noticed. I play on a mac and SOMETIMES when the screen goes black and says 'day 2' or 'night 4' if I spam keys, when the first person display shows up, I get like 50x speed and I move SO FAST. I use this to show other people I can doesn't always work though, ps DON'T get rid of it, it actually makes the game harder.

These are just tips for people when playing. I don't mind if you remove this comment...I don't even know how to remove it....yet. Anyway this is such a cool game, everybody who's a 'real' gamer should play this it very intense, fun, exciting and hardcore. AWESOME GAME. Also I said that like before in the previous comment...but still SO EPIC. Well...That's it from me, I'm gonna support this...once I get paypal or a credit card.

We can't wait to see the play though you've been working on. Also, don't worry about us taking out the ultra fast running glitch. We like subtle glitches like that, we think that they make the game more enjoyable. :'D

Ps I have gotten to Night 10 where I died...HOW DO YOU PASS THIS!? Really difficult, my strategy is to hole up in one place with one civilian with upgraded barricades. Please tell me how to pass this. Also guns to use : MKAR (not gold) + bazooka. Sorry just my strategy. Thanks! game OP + difficulty.

Thanks for your comment! Night 10 is really far, nicely done!!! Also nice strategy! Holding up behind barricades is probably your best bet. At those higher rounds it gets ridiculously hard to deal with the hordes of infected citizens.

 We are currently working on releasing a new version of the game with lots of BIG new features. Stay tuned! :D


amazing!! should add ecperimental wepons or special unlocks damn

Thanks for your input! we'll look into that for out next update. :D

Glad you're enjoying the game!


what got addded

Sorry for the confusion. We've just updated the development log with the update details.


Please could you keep for the next update the operating system of 32 bits?

Please add the mode against bots but they use weapons,
excellent gameSorry for repeating it

Sorry for repeating it

No worries! Glad to see that you're enjoying the game!

We appreciate your input. We'll see what we can do, however we can't promise anything. The original intention for this game was zombies, but we'll look into that mode in future updates.


This game is FANTASTIC! A really great game to play with good difficulty...REAL difficulty. HOWEVER (of course) i ask for better ways of climbing the buildings to get weapons as it's difficult, like maybe just climbing not jumping off walls? Also SO awesome if there was a multiplayer (killing each other and co-op) but maybe increased difficulty. This is however a very great and difficult game so I like it.

Thanks for your review!

We'll see what we can do about the wall jumping to make it easier. Unfortunately wall climbing isn't going to be a viable option; Wall jumping allows for the user to skillfully navigate the app, which creates a huge dynamic for the game.

Multiplayer will be introduced if the game's audience keeps growing as it is.

We're glad that you're enjoying the game! :D We will be releasing a mobile version of this shortly for iOS devices and possibly android.

Keep playing!

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This is literally one of the best games I've ever played. My computer is super slow, but this game is really fast. There are 100% no bugs. How to I get more guns, though? In other words, how do I get into the buildings to get to the other guns?


- A mode where you don't have to worry about the citizens dying

- Police or SWAT or some military force to help you

- Citizens able to defend themselves

Keep up the amazing work!

(1 edit)

Thank you for your feedback! :D It's awesome to see that the game works on less beefy computers. That was one of the intentions we had while making the game. So there are no guns located inside the building. When items on the mini-map appear to be inside the building, it actually means that they are on top of the building. You can jump up walls by pressing space in air while you're near a wall.

We've been working on a mode where there are no citizens. That mode will be released sometime in the future :)

As for the SWAT force, unfortunately we've decided that adding a SWAT, police, or military force will defeat the "hero" aspect of the game.

Eventually we will give the citizens smarter A.I. if the audience for this game keeps growing.


Thanks! I feel like I can't stress enough how good this game is.

Please add the mode against bots but they use weapons, 
excellent game

Thanks for your input. Glad you like it!

Great game. no bugs or glitches so far. I would love to be able to change the options and not have to keep people alive. if they get infected I have to kill them. the more of them get infected, the more I have to kill.

Thank you for your review! We're grateful hear that you're happy with the fluidity of the game!

After the end of each round, every citizen in the city (including you) will be vaccinated. This way you don't have to murder so many citizens. I would suggest saving your antidotes for yourself or the last remaining citizens. We're sorry for this confusion. It will be fixed in our next update! :)

Let us know if you have any other suggestions! We appreciate your support!


Wow. Speechless, really. No glitches, bugs or anything like that. 10/10 will play this again(always) lol. An idea I would suggest is that there will be some police officers, that could help you. Because the most hardest thing I've faced is trying to stop the crawlers, there was literally an army of them. It would be great if there was a place that sold vaccines, due to me/us using it too often on civilians. I've always had to shoot them when I ran out. Anyways, keep up the good work! :D

(1 edit)

Thank you for your review! We're glad to see that you're enjoying the game! :D

As for the crawlers, they're meant to be difficult (they're usually what get me). The good news is that they usually travel in swarms. Because of this, they can be easily taken out by placing a sentry turret in the middle of their swarm (It's dangerous, but highly effective).

After the end of each round, every citizen in the city (including you) will be vaccinated. This way you don't have to waste your antidotes. I would suggest saving your antidotes for yourself or the last remaining citizens. We will be sure to clarify this confusion in our next update! :)


Thanks for the advice, hope you have a great day


THIS GAME IS AWESOME! I honestly don't know why it isn't that popular right now. This is my like, my new favorite game. I haven't experienced any glitches or bugs, but I have a couple questions: could you tell us how to place sentry turrets? And it would be nice if wall jumping was a bit better. Keep up the good work!

Thank you so much for your review! We're glad to see that you're enjoying the game. We just fixed the wall jumping and clarified the controls for upgrading barricades to have turrets. Please let us know if you have any other questions or suggestions. Have fun!

Yeah, we're surprised it isn't getting more popular too. Feel free to share it with your friends!


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