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I'll be honest you could work on this game a whole lot more. Yes it's great it's tons of fun but before you start working on a "polygon hero 2" the things you plan on adding seem like it would be better as an update to the game than a complete remake. This games great but I'm just saying it could be a lot better.

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Are there still updates coming to this?

Golden Guns have more firepower, more magazine capacity (or just more ammo), better accuracy, are gold but the refill cost is 2 - 3 times higher than the normal gun (also sry to Jzlla if I interrupt).

Haha thank you! I'm glad you like it. I'm thinking of making a "Polygon Hero 2" with multiplayer, more maps, more effects, better animations, more modes, and a lot more.

Congratulations on getting Polygon Hero into Steam! It's a well deserved achievement, I hope youse proud! Hope it keeps expanding '3' XD

Haha thank you! I haven't touched it. I'm thinking about making a second one with better mechanics, multiplayer, and stuff. But Idk if thats a good idea.

a mode where there is no civilians and you have to buy doors to progress and baccicly black ops zombies would be great (you could auto heal and use the siringes as revives for other players


A few ideas for the game:

Add a mode where you don't have to keep the civilians alive

Add a custom mode where you can disable certain zombies or change the rounds they appear on, this mode would have no effect on the leaderboards

Maybe a map of a school and maybe a military camp/base 


Salutations! I heard that this game was on the App Store but it wasn't available in the US Canada or Japan App Stores. If it is on the App Store which country is it on? Just wondering.

We removed it from the app store because of frame rate issues and control problems. Also, it wasn't getting much support haha

oh well I guess I won't be playing this until I get a computer then since I only have my iPad

Not much support?! This is a GREAT game! Get me my agent


hey, got question, you know that big building that the only way to get up is on those VERY THIN platform thingies? Well is there anything special on it or something, cause I think there is otherwise you wouldn't have done or you just like annoy people with stuff  like that. you know which building I'm talking about right?

I was going to put something up there, but I never really got to it unfortunately :/

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Pretty darn impressive!

Lol, awesome video. Thanks for your support! :)

Very Fun and well made. But in the next version can you please add some things like: After dying becoming the zombie as a choice, multiplayer, also i dont know why but if you can do this.. i know this is weird but.. maybe add a suicide option..? Sorry but i think that if you were turning into a zombie you would be in need of that option. Anyway maybe add modes like: Endless which is kind of already the game, boss mode,  no weapon mode,  'Survivor Mode' which would be you play as a citizen and have a bot fill in playing the game and killing the zombies. Also add minigames maybe? A minigame suggestion is being in a box surrounded by walls and 1 window on each wall (even the roof). And you get a question mark under you which only has 1 use and you get your chance of survival with it. It is your gun which you shoot through the windows and kill the infinite number of zombies coming also infinite ammo. No citizens or anyone.. just a box, windows, and zombies. If the zombies readh your box they will climb through the window and attack you in cutscene style so you have nothing to do exept train your reaction time because while the zombie is attacking when it gets through the window during the cutscene you will have to left click very fast to shoot it. I hope you actually could read this because its so long so hpe you think about it and good job making the game even without this because this game is very good.

also thx for allowing polygon hero to have grenades antidotes and barricades, if I did not have them I would have died a lot more to get past wave 25 etc

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